Save Water With Your Irrigation System

Published on: November 22, 2012

In the current financial climate everyone is looking for ways that they can save some money on their water bill. One place that you may be able to shave some money off the water bill is through your method of watering your lawn.

Irrigation sprinkler systems are a popular method of watering a large lawn. They do their job efficiently and without much interference from the owner so you don’t have to worry about doing the job yourself. Automatic timers mean that in most cases you don’t have to give watering your property a second thought.

As useful as irrigation systems are, they do tend to use a very large amount of water, and can drive up your water bill. Fortunately there are things that can be done in order to reduce the amount of water being used.

First of all take into account the area in which you live and the typical weather conditions before setting your irrigation system. You will need to adjust these settings as the seasons change. Heavily watering your yard during rainy reasons is not just a waste of water, overwatering can actually do more harm than good to your flowers, plants and lawn. If you are worried that you might forget to adjust the settings, you can install a smart controller that does it for you automatically.

Another way of reducing your water bills is to make sure your sprinklers are in good condition and are set to water the grass, not the driveway or sidewalks.  Readjust your sprinkler heads to ensure that the water is directed onto the lawn.  Also, set your timer to water early in the morning to minimize water loss through evaporation.

Finally, be sure to check your irrigation sprinkler system for leaks. Water leaks can happen anywhere along the system including the sprinkler head and can contribute to a significant amount of water being wasted unnecessarily.

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