Drought Damage Control

Published on: September 10, 2010

Droughts can cause BIG problems for your grass!  Although we cannot prevent Mother Nature from controlling our weather, we can try to prevent our precious lawns from sure death by following some helpful hints:

  • Make sure you lawn is well taken care of  before the drought!  Most healthy lawns can go dormant for a while without water, and then they will bounce back after a few weeks.
  • Aerate your lawn – this ensures that water and nutrients are able to get into the soil, then to the roots that need them.
  • Keep your sprinkler system in good working condition.  Make sure coverage is good so that water can get to your entire lawn and that you are not wasting water in any spots.  Set up your system on a timer that coincides with your water restriction codes – this way you are not in violation of codes or subject to possible fines and you can water when allowed even if you are asleep or not at home.  Water early in the morning so that the roots can get the needed water before the blazing sun has a chance to soak it dry!
  • Mow early, less frequently and set your mower blades higher.  Mow your grass in the morning hours or early evening when there is less heat. Also, mowing in the evening will give your lawn time without sun to adjust to the shock of being cut.  Keep you grass as long as possible which will allow it will hold more water and provide shade for the roots.  When you mow, only cut the top 1/3 of your grass blades.
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