Creating a Focal Point for Your Landscape Design

Published on: January 3, 2015

There are many aspects to consider when creating a beautiful landscape design to surround your home. Strategically placed gardens, trees and shrubs can all be a part of your design, with hardscape elements added in for function or character. However, one of the ways to make your landscaping “pop” is to add in a focal point to be the centerpiece of your entire yard.

Choosing a Focal Point

When you have a focal point in your landscaping design, it will draw the attention of the eye to a central spot, time and time again. It works to complement the other features within your design that become an extension of that focal point. Even in more minimalist landscape designs, a focal point can add that extra element to make it memorable.

Focal points can be as elaborate, or as simple, as your tastes dictate. It should be something that speaks to the theme you want to convey, like the crowning jewel of your yard. Some ideas for focal points include:

  • Water features. A pond or waterfall can be a wonderful focal point for lush, green landscape design.
  • Boulders. Large boulders give a change in depth to a yard, offering a nice contrast to low plants and flowers.
  • Statuary pieces. Using a statues or other stone pieces is a great option for creating a focal point that accentuates the beautiful colors in your landscape design.

Your local landscape design expert or supply store can help you find the right focal point to make your yard more than just a collection of plants and flowers.

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