Landscaping for a No-Mow Lawn

Published on: March 11, 2014

Are you tired of dragging out a piece of expensive heavy equipment, only to spend the better part of a day trimming the grass? If you’re not a fan of mowing your lawn, fighting weeds or paying a local teenager to do your mowing for you, it may be time to consider the many no-mow options created by a creative landscaping design plan.

Low-Maintenance Grass and Groundcover Options

Opting for a lawnmower-free landscaping design doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the look of grass or groundcover. Varieties like dwarf mondo grass require little more than pre-emergent herbicide once or twice each year to keep them looking beautiful. Fine fescues and other low-growing grasses native to your region are an option for homeowners in southern states, as are sedge and lilyturf groundcover crops. In northern climates, varieties of creeping bentgrass will reach only three to six inches of height. You don’t have to sacrifice lush greenery to do away with the chore of mowing, you just have to consider the elements of your local environment and the advice of your landscaping professional.

Extend Hardscapes and Outdoor Living Spaces

Another way to eliminate mowing altogether is to combine low-growing grasses and groundcovers with extended patios, paved areas and pathways, and other landscaping hardscapes. You’ll be able to get more enjoyment out of your property while expending less energy on maintenance and upkeep. Garden structures, water features, fire pits and other hardscape elements allow you to get the most out of each square foot of property, making your outdoor time more enjoyable and the spaces more inviting.

Integrating stone elements like dry creek beds and boulders also creates visual interest without requiring exhaustive levels of upkeep. Contact a landscaping professional in your area today to discuss ways you can create a lawn which requires minimal upkeep as the warmer months approach.

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