How Hardscaping Can Improve Your Landscape and Property

Published on: February 10, 2014

The term “hardscape” refers your home’s non-living landscaping elements.

Hardscape elements include an array of items, including fountains, patios, pathways, walkways, pools, retaining walls, and many other structures.

During the design phase of landscapes or gardens, hardscaping is usually among the first elements for consideration as they are usually a landscape’s focal point. Entire landscapes have been designed around hardscape features such as outdoor kitchens or swimming pools.

Hardscapes allow you to create an aesthetically pleasing, yet functional landscape for any property, including residential, commercial, or governmental.

In addition to hardscaping’s distinguishing aesthetic features, there are other worthwhile benefits:

–        Significantly increases the value of property

–        Prevents and reduces property erosion

–        Provides a beautiful focal point for flowers, plants, shrubs, and other softscape elements

–        Makes all landscape areas more accessible (walkways and pathways)

–        Creates social zones (outdoor kitchen, atrium, zen garden, etc.)

–        Ideal and well-suited for property located in regions with limited or restricted water

Substantially less maintenance compared to softscape elements (flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs)

And while, some hardscape elements are quite functional, others are purely decorative.

With an array of benefits, it’s no surprise that there’s a strong trend of property owners investing more in hardscape structures such as retaining walls, lounge areas, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits.

For expert assistance and installation, contact a professional landscaping company to help you create and integrate hardscape elements into the design of your property’s overall landscape. A professional can help you choose, design, and install hardscape elements perfect for your home or business.

Posted on behalf of Cunningham Landscape Group

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