Build a Beautiful Flagstone Patio for Your Home

Published on: March 27, 2016

Are you tired of your old, rotten wood deck or boring cement patio? This year, upgrade your outdoor living space with a beautiful flagstone patio. Flagstone is ideal for creating stunning patios, offering the natural splendor of stone, while giving you a durable surface that is easy to maintain and clean. You can choose from two basic styles: formal or casual for your new flagstone patio. 

Formal Flagstone Patios

For a chiseled, formal style, flagstones can be used that are cut uniformly as pavers. Typically, these pavers are spaced close together, with just a small, even gap between each stone. Although it is a formal style, you can still be creative with the pattern of the stone for a lovely patio for relaxing and entertaining. Flagstones come in different colors that can be used to create a subtle design for your formal patio.

Casual Patio Design

Many people would rather have their patio made with naturally shaped stones for a casual style. Flagstones are ideal for this option as they are available in many shapes, often with semi-flat sides for paving. A creative landscaper that offers flagstone patios as one of their services can help you design a gorgeous natural patio, fitting those stones together like pieces of a large jigsaw puzzle.

There is no right or wrong style when it comes to building a beautiful flagstone patio. It is all up to your own preference. However, there is a big difference in the quality of work when installing your new patio. Hire a landscaper in your area that is experienced in hardscape design and specializes in flagstone patios.

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