Published on: September 10, 2010

The Bugambilia has been called a climbing bush, a shrub, or a vine.   It is a flowering plant that can bloom all year in sub-tropical warm semi-dry environments.  It has been seen covering fences, walls, and roofs or just standing on its own to be enjoyed.  It produces beautifully vibrant colored flowers of fuchsia, pink, purple, white, red and more that are a vision to behold.

The Bugambilia plant is native to Brazil but fares well in the southern half of Florida, the southern tip of Texas, California and Hawaii.  Some gardeners have even had success in South Carolina and Georgia with this easy to grow evergreen.  Winter nights below 20 degrees may cause your Bugambilia to wilt and loose its leaves and flowers. If this happens, cover your plant and do not prune until the last frost.

The Bugambilia fares best when it is planted in a place with full sun exposure with moist well drained soil.  The less sun exposure, the less this plant will bloom.  The flowers of the Bugambilia are made up of a rich colorful paper-like leaves that protects a small white flower in the center of the leaves.

Besides beauty, versatility is another attraction gardeners have to this gorgeous plant.  You can plant your Bugambilia in a container or in the ground.  It can grow as a vine on a trellis; you can shape it in a tree form, or use it as a hedge.  The spines on the Bugambilia are long and sharp, so care is needed when picking a place for your plant as well as pruning, shaping and  doing away with cuttings.

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