Maintaining Beautiful Manicured Hedges

Published on: February 3, 2015

There are few landscaping options capable of adding as much classical beauty to a home as manicured hedges and shrubs. However, keeping hedges perfectly pruned and trimmed can be quite time consuming.  You need the right equipment on hand, and must be willing to dedicate the necessary time to keep them in the shape you desire. If you have hedges or are considering adding these majestic plants to your landscaping design, be aware of the maintenance these plants will require to maintain their sophisticate silhouette.

Manicured Hedge Maintenance

To keep hedges groomed, you will need to have the right shears and pruning equipment. While you can use a power trimmer for large hedges, you also will need bypass hand pruners. Trimming only with a power trimmer or shears for shape will increase the bud production, making your hedge thicker. Hand pruners are needed to ensure that light can penetrate these thick hedges and keep the interior of the bush healthy.

It is also important to know when and how often to trim your hedges. Winter is usually the best time to do major trimming on hedges, when the branches are not in bud. The rest of the year, you will need to continue trimming to shape your hedges and keep new growth stimulated to create thick, beautiful hedges.

For many, maintaining hedges can become too much work, resulting in straggly bushes that are an eyesore instead of the shaped hedges that they had hoped to have edging their yard. A simple solution is to hire an expert to trim and prune your hedges. Let the professionals give your hedges the special care they need, while you enjoy the beauty of having the envious beauty of a classically beautiful lawn.

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