Bring a Glow to Your Landscaping

Published on: May 28, 2018

If you have a beautifully landscaped yard, shouldn’t you enjoy it around the clock? There is no reason your stunning trees or water features need to stay hidden at night when you can make them glow with outdoor lighting. A few strategic placements of lights throughout your front or backyards can ensure that your landscaping is enjoyed all day and all night.

Adding outdoor lighting is not just about illumination, but also about creating a different effect for your landscaping at night. Using lights and shadows, you can transform your yard into a different place when the sun goes down. You can still enjoy your features, but they will have a different look when the right outdoor lighting is used. Some ideas include:

  • Hide spotlights and flood lights in your planted areas. The beam of light can seem to come out of your gardens for a transcendent look.
  • Combine up-lighting and down-lighting along with other levels of illumination to create a balanced atmosphere in your outdoor space.
  • Use spotlights to up-light trees or features in your landscaping, creating a dramatic effect with light and shadows.
  • Use moonlighting or blue filters to create a natural effect of light – your yard will look like it is bathed in moonlight instead of artificial light.

Adding outdoor lighting that enhances the beauty of your landscaping is harder than it may seem. While any outdoor lighting can give you visibility, it takes artistry to use the lighting to transform your yard into an evening paradise. Talk to your local landscaper to discuss the best ways to use outdoor lighting with your landscape design to get the best results.

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