Benefits of Adding Outdoor Lighting

Published on: September 10, 2015

While almost everyone has some type of outdoor lighting at their homes, often it is just a small light by a doorway. There are many ways that outdoor lighting can improve the quality of your home, from adding aesthetic value to creating a safe, secure environment. Consider how adding more outdoor lighting can benefit your home and family.


One of the main reasons you need outdoor lighting is safety. If you are outside at night, you need a lighted path to find your way around. Pathway lights that show the way to the front and back doors, along with patio and porch lights, all are great ways to improve safety with proper outdoor lighting.


Not only does outdoor lighting help you see where you are going at night, it helps you see anyone who is trying to come onto your property uninvited. Well-lit homes are less likely to be targets of burglars that often use the cover of night to do their criminal activities. Motion-detected flood lights are a good way to scare off would-be thieves.


Outdoor lighting can be functional, but it can also be beautiful. Spot lights can be used to highlight water features such as waterfalls or ponds so that they can be enjoyed at night as well as in the day. There are many outdoor lighting options that can be artistically added to your landscape and patio design to increase the beauty of your outdoor living area.

For more ideas on how to best incorporate outdoor lighting around your home, consult a landscape designer that specializes in outdoor lighting. They can offer suggestions based on the safety, security and aesthetic needs for your home.

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