Brighten And Warm Your Yard With A New Fire Pit

Published on: November 20, 2014

There’s just something relaxing and captivating about sitting outside, around a fire. It can bring back memories of camping trips and roasted marshmallows, with the unique smell of smoke to carry you back in time. You can bring that wonderful sensation to your own home and backyard with the addition of a cozy fire pit. Enjoy the beauty,warmth and light that a fire pit can add to your any night, right in the comfort of your yard.

Creative Fire Pit Options

Although many home improvement centers sell mobile fire pits, these pale in comparison to owning a permanent pit in your yard or on your patio. Using natural stone, brick, cement or other materials, you can create a beautiful fire pit centerpiece added to your yard, which will offer entertainment for years to come. There are many creative options available, such as:

–        Open fire pit. To create the sense of a campfire, an open fire pit is a great choice. This allows your friends and family to gather around the pit and enjoy your evening conversations over the top of a crackling fire.

–        Fireplace. Many homeowners have opted to turn their patio into an outdoor living room with a classic fireplace. These can be built into a rock or brick wall, making a cozy focal point for your outdoor sitting area.

–        Barbecue pit. Want both a fire pit and a wood-fire for cooking? Have your fire pit built with grill racks or even a spit for creating smokey meals over a smoldering fire.

You can find contractors who can build a customized fire pit through one of your local hardscape landscaping companies. They can give you advice and suggestions about how to best incorporate a new firepit into your outdoor living area to get the best fireside experience.

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