Will Sprinkler System Installation Destroy an Existing Lawn?

Published on: March 1, 2012

Many people assume that sprinkler system installation wreaks havoc on an established lawn. But with the right equipment and a professional crew of installers, even the healthiest lawns will be left looking green and gorgeous.

Lawn irrigation installation involves laying the sprinkler pipes underground, installing the sprinkler heads and setting up the proper controls. Unobtrusive slits are made across your existing lawn for the piping, heads are installed with care and the controls are placed in a spot that’s convenient for operation.

Your grass will react to the traffic initially, but from that point on nature will take over. With sunshine and water grass quickly begins to heal and will grow over those slits within a few weeks time. Some lawns may only take a few days, depending on when the installation occurs and the type of grass.

Most sprinkler system installation projects are completed over the course of one or two days, depending on the type of equipment used and the design of your irrigation system. Your landscaper or sprinkler installer will design the best system for your yard, taking into account the climate, type of grass and the size of your lawn and gardens.

Rain may delay the installation process in some cases. Trust the professionals to judge when the optimum installation time is, and trust your grass to heal naturally once the system has been put in.

Trenching may be necessary on certain properties or in specific areas of your lawn. Your contractor will go over that process with you and provide the best solutions to ensure your grass recovers and is growing well in short order.

The benefits of installing an underground sprinkler system far outweigh the risk of damaging your existing lawn. Top quality equipment and professional service make sprinkler system installation a simple and valuable project.

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