Why Flagstone is the Ultimate Patio Material

Published on: May 29, 2015

You know you want to enhance your outdoor space by adding or extending your patio. But what material is will be the best for your home? While there are many options, from wood decking to concrete, one of the most beautiful options is flagstone. If you are looking for the ultimate in patio design, consider the benefits of creating a flagstone patio for your home.

  • Unsurpassed natural beauty. No one is saying that brick or formed pavers cannot create a lovely patio, but it is hard to beat flagstone for natural beauty. With hues that are only found in natural stone, you are creating a surface that blends perfectly into your outdoor area.
  • Durability. Flagstone has already been exposed to the elements for thousands of years, so what’s a few more decades at your home? Nothing can outlast natural stone as a patio material for durability, ensuring that it will last a lifetime.
  • Easy maintenance. Unlike wood that must be treated, stained and repaired, flagstone requires little maintenance. A quick cleaning in the spring is usually all that it needs to stay beautiful all summer long.
  • Uniqueness. Paving stones, cement and wood are common patio materials, but you want your outdoor area to be unique. Flagstone is used more rarely, giving your patio a unique appeal. Plus, although flagstone slabs may look similar, each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

To create a patio that will last and stand out as a unique addition to your home, choose flagstone as your paving material. Talk to your local hardscape landscaper about designing the ultimate flagstone patio for your home this summer.

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