Water Features

Published on: August 1, 2013

When done correctly, water features will enhance the overall appeal of any residential or commercial property.  However, it is critical that the water feature be properly designed, installed and maintained by a qualified lanscape contractor who understands how the water feature will interact with the existing landscaping on the property.  In addition, technical considerations such as the size of the pumps must be considered in order for the water feature to perform as expected, otherwise the water feature could become a burden on the property owner.  An experienced landscape contractor, who understands water features, will be able to guide any property owner through the design and installation process.  Once complete they can also maintain the feature as well.

During the design process the landscaper will examine the existing conditions and design a feature that ‘fits” into the current overall landscaping plan on the property.  This will include properly locating the feature, sizing the feature and determining if a multi-tiered feature, which incorporates cascading streams and a series of waterfalls, will be used.  Technical considerations such as the depth of the water feature, as well as if the feature will include Koi fish or water plants will be considered.  Pump size is also critical in order to keep the water circulating as well.  Once the water feature is complete, the contractor will be able to set up an ongoing maintenance program to keep the feature clean and operating properly.  It is important to emphasis the importance and need of regular maintenance on any water feature.

A qualified lanscaper specializing in water features will be able to design, construct and maintain a suitable water feature that will enhance any residential or commercial property and provide years of hassle free enjoyment!

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