Regular Maintenance Keeps Your Water Features Looking Their Best

Published on: October 11, 2012

Water features can add so much to a landscape. A pond or trickling creek can add a sense of serenity. A waterfall or fountain can add movement and sound to their surroundings. Nature has its own built-in maintenance systems, but when man-made water features are created using circulating pumps and filtration systems, routine maintenance is required to keep these water features operating and looking their best.

Ponds with aquatic plants and fish are great points of interest, but they also require a properly balanced ecosystem to keep the fish and plants oxygenated properly. Solid materials, such as leaves and other foliage can also be an issue in a pond water feature. Your pond will likely include a pump, filtration system and a skimmer for keeping your pond water clean and circulating. These pieces of equipment need to be inspected and maintained on a regular basis. The oxygen levels in your water also need to be checked. You need to think of a pond water feature as a swimming pool without chlorine. Just as a swimming pool requires regular upkeep, so does a pond.

The flowing water of a waterfall or a fountain helps to keep the water feature clean, but even these types of water features can develop algae and have pumps and filtration systems that should be checked, cleaned and occasionally repaired.

The best way to make sure that your water features are being properly maintained on a regular basis is to establish an annual maintenance contract with a landscape professional who has the expertise required to keep your water features at their optimum performance.

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