Using Shrubs As Privacy Fences

Published on: March 14, 2013

Having a perfect line of shrubs or hedges can make an excellent privacy fence for your yard. It has a natural appeal that is aesthetic and a functional aspect of blocking prying eyes from your yard. Creating a privacy fence using bushes, shrubs or hedges is not something that happens overnight but is an ongoing project. However, once you have created the affect, it is beautiful to behold.

There are several things to consider when choosing the shrubs that you will use for your privacy fence. You must first determine which shrubs grow best in the climate where you live. Although you may love the look of a Dense Yew, which can make an excellent formal hedge, it does not grow well everywhere. Also, different types of shrubs grow at different rate, making a large difference in the amount of maintenance they will require.

–          Slow-medium growing shrubs. For those willing to wait for their privacy fence, slow or medium-growing varieties are an excellent option. While it may take a few years to get the look you desire, you will not have as much maintenance with a slower growing shrub.

–          Fast growing shrubs. If you are looking to create your privacy fence at a quicker rate, many deciduous varieties will grow fast. However, you will trade a fast rate for more maintenance in pruning and clipping chores.

Shrub fences are a wonderful addition to a yard and can create fantastic curb appeal for your home. However, a knowledge of which shrubs work best, their root structure and the maintenance required should be investigated before embarking on this project. Getting the help and expertise of a professional landscaper may be prudent.

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