Why Use Pine Straw Mulch?

Published on: August 17, 2018

Mulch is used to protect landscaping by holding in moisture and insulating the top layer of the soil. There are many different types of mulch, from grass clippings and bark to wood and pine needles. Pine straw is a type of pine needle that is an excellent option for mulch. It offers several benefits over wood or bark mulch for certain applications.

Pine straw is pine needles that have been shed from the tree and collected to use for mulch. There are many different types of needles that can be used, but longer varieties work best for mulch. Like all mulches, pine straw insulates the ground and protects loss of moisture. It can also be used to beautify landscaping and to keep weeds at bay. However, there are a few advantages of pine straw over bark or wood varieties, including:

  • Slope protection. Other types of mulch can roll or slide down slopes. Pine straw is perfect for slope and grips the ground, staying in place on elevated areas.
  • Rain erosion. Pine straw holds up under heavy rain that can erode many other types of mulch. The natural inter-locking quality of pine needles creates an unmovable layer of protection, even in heavy rain or wind storms.
  • Beauty. Many people prefer the appearance of pine straw over wood or bark mulch. It can have a smoother surface and does not attract pests that some wood mulches can bring.

If you are looking for an alternative to bark or wood mulch, pine straw can be a great option. Talk to your landscaper about using pine straw for your sloped areas and other spots that require mulch for ground protection.

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