Use Landscape Timbers To Build A Quick Flower Garden

Published on: June 4, 2014

Nothing enhances a home and yard better than a beautiful flower garden. Seasonal flowers add color and brightness to an otherwise stark landscape, increasing the curb appeal of a home. If you have been thinking about adding a flower bed, an easy and affordable way to build a small garden area is with landscape timbers. They blend naturally into almost any landscape design, and make a perfect border for your new flower bed.

Constructing Your Flower Garden

Landscape timbers or railroad ties can create a perfect raised flower garden. Depending on how handy you are with tools, you can cut them to different lengths to create whatever size bed you want, or leave them at their original lengths. Find the area with the right amount of sunlight for the flowers you plan to plant, and begin planning your new flower garden.

You will want to remove any grass or weeds from the area where the bed will be. Then, use a shovel to create a six-inch trench around the border of the bed where the timbers will be laid. This trench should be filled with gravel to drain water away from the timbers. Once the gravel is in place, you can lay your first level of landscape timbers to create the outline of your raised garden. You can now stack timbers on top of each other as high as you prefer. Drilling holes through the timbers and using a piece of rebar to hold them together is an excellent way to give the walls an added measure of stability.

Once the box is finished, you can fill with the soil needed to plant your new flower bed. Your local landscape supply store should have the timbers, soil and gravel you need for this quick and easy flower garden!

Posted on behalf of Marty Shettle, Lane Landscaping


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