Adding Color To Your Yard With Flowering Plants

Published on: August 1, 2014

There are few additions to your yard and landscaping which can add as much beauty as flowering plants. Whether it is a full flower garden or just potted plants decorating your front porch, these colorful plants can brighten up any home. If you are considering adding more flowering plants to your yard, consider combining both annuals and perennials to give your yard beauty and versatility every year.

Ideas For Annual Flowers

Perennial flowers will come back year after year, making them a permanent part of your landscaping design. These are perfect for filling the largest areas of your planted gardens in your yard, since they will continue to grow and won’t require heavy replanting each season. Some excellent choices include:

  • Roses. Roses make a great centerpiece to your flower gardens. However, they do require quite a bit of maintenance to keep them healthy and pruned. If you don’t have enough time on your hands to keep them thriving, hire a professional landscaper to keep them maintained.
  • Coneflowers. Add bright colors every year with the hearty coneflower. Choose from varieties of purple, orange and yellow to make your garden a delight.
  • Forget-me-nots. One of the sweetest ground flowers is the forget-me-not, adding a carpet of blue and purplish flowers to your shaded areas in your yard. Forget-me-nots prefer shade, making them the ideal option for areas with less sunlight where other flowers may not flourish.

Add Variety With Annuals

Annual flowers are a fantastic way to bolster your perennials with new companions every year. From the traditional pansies to marigolds and other flowers, seasonal flowers come in a wide variety of colors and shapes. For times during the year when your perennials are not blooming or just to add complimentary colors, annual plants are a perfect filler for your yard.

Both annuals and perennials have certain types of soil and sun requirements, so it’s important to plan your flower planting carefully. Consult with your local landscaper to choose flowers which will thrive in your region while adding beauty and color to your lawn.

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