Top 3 Trends for Backyard Landscape Designs

Published on: July 25, 2018

Are you considering updating your backyard’s landscape design? You want an outdoor living space that fits your style, but you always want features that are up-to-date in the latest trends. If you have an outdated design for your backyard or you want to upgrade to a more sustainable or fashionable landscape option, here are three trends for landscape design that can make your backyard beautiful.

  1. Natural stone. There is nothing like natural stone to give a stunning appeal to your outdoor area. Flagstone patios and natural stone fire pits are all the rage in outdoor landscaping and hardscape designs. Add a natural stone pathway, patio or fire pit this year to give your backyard a makeover.
  2. Sustainable landscaping. Do you want to do your part to conserve water and create a sustainable environment at your home? You are not alone. Sustainable landscaping is a big hit all over the country. Using more rock and earth than plants can cut down on water use. Also, growing more edible plants instead of only aesthetic offerings can make your backyard both beautiful and functional for a sustainable lifestyle.
  3. Butterflies, birds and bees. Make your backyard a haven for colorful insects and birds. Bees do so much good for the environment and help your landscaping flourish; butterflies and birds add so much color and movement. Plant with these creatures in mind to bring life to your backyard design.

Step outside the old and tired landscaping options and try something new. Talk to your local landscape designer to come up with new ideas to give your backyard a landscaping makeover with one of the latest trends.

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