Planning Your Outdoor Lighting

Published on: March 28, 2012

Outdoor lighting is an important element of any Johans Creek, Georgia landscape design.  Outdoor lighting can add accents to your landscape, accentuate desired features, and contribute to safety.  Properly done, outdoor lighting adds beauty and value to your home.

Randomly adding lighting to your Johns Creek landscape rarely achieves optimal results.  There are many different types of lighting and to get the effect you want, you should consult with your landscape design contractor and create an integrated outdoor lighting plan.

Lighting effects can vary greatly depending on the type of light and the way it is used.  Lights angled upwards from below is called uplighting.  Downlighting and crosslighting are similar except that the lights are mounted to the sides or above and point across or down.  Accent lighting, silhouetting, shadowing, spread lighting, and graze lighting all have different effects and when skillfully employed, they create a unique look to your landscaping.

Lighting can also be used to light pathways, stairs, and entryways and to provide light and ambiance to outdoor entertainment areas.  Start your outdoor lighting plan by drawing a diagram of the layout of your landscaping.  Include your home and any outbuildings, shrubs, trees, gardens, flowerbeds, walkways, fences, driveways, hardscapes, waterscapes and outdoor entertainment areas.

As you and your landscape designer inspect your landscaping, add the light features you and your landscape designer determine will best achieve the results you desire to your drawing.  Once the type and location of all the fixtures have been identified, your Johns Creek landscape designers can help you determine where to run wiring and switch placement.

After installation is complete, you may need to make some adjustments and fine tuning to finally get the perfect outdoor lighting for your home.

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