Tips to Start Planning Your Landscape Design

Published on: April 3, 2017

When you look out at your front or backyard, can you perfectly envision the landscaping you would like, or do you just have random idea of what may look good in your yard? Landscape design is not as simple as it looks – it takes an eye for artistry blended with a lot of knowledge to create a beautiful yard. The best way to get started is to stop focusing on the big picture and think of the details. Here are some tips to get you started on planning your landscape design.

  • What hardscapes do you want? Do you have a specific hardscape in mind for your landscape design? List ideas you have for stonework, fountains, ponds, fire pits or other features. List in priority – you may not be able to incorporate them all.
  • Goals? What do you want to achieve with your design? Do you want a natural appeal or a relaxing vibe? Is a modern style more your taste?
  • Entertainment areas. Will you want a patio or outdoor kitchen for entertaining? Entertaining areas require the most space – other landscaping elements may be secondary to the entertainment area.
  • Plant life preferences. Do you envision trees for shade or bright flowers in the spring? Make a list of the plants you love and want incorporated into your landscape design.

Once you start listing the details and goals of your landscape design, you have the beginning elements to make your dream a reality. A professional landscape designer can help you take these random ideas and put them into a working design that will beautify your home and give you the outdoor paradise that you have envisioned.

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