Tips For Removing Fall Leaves

Published on: October 28, 2014

You know fall has arrived when you begin to see more leaves on your lawn than grass. While you may be tempted to just wait until all the leaves have fallen to begin removing them, this can impede the healthy growth of your lawn. Fall is the ultimate time for grass to replenish after the hot summer, and a layer of leaves can block out the nourishing fall sun your lawn needs to repair itself. To make this chore easier, here are a few tips to get those pesky leaves off your yard.

  • Mowing. When the first leaves start to fall, you can use your mower to mulch these leaves and give your lawn needed nutrients. This is best done in early fall, when the leaves have just fallen. You can either forego the bag and let the shredded leaves return to the ground, or create a mulch pile of the bagged, shredded leaves.
  • Rake with the wind. Fall days can be windy, causing you frustration as you try to rake your leaves. Try to rake in the same direction as the wind, reducing leaves flying back to the area you just cleared.
  • Use tarps instead of wheelbarrows. Wheelbarrows aren’ great for moving leaves. It puts a tremendous strain on your back filling the wheelbarrow, and most wheelbarrows don’t have large enough capacities to make them efficient. Use a tarp or sheet to bundle up leaves and, holding the four corners, drag your load to your destination.

Of course, the easiest way to deal with the removal of leaves is to hire a local landscaper to handle your lawn care. Schedule your landscaper to come out every two weeks to remove your leaves, giving your lawn the air it needs to breathe and replenish. You can then sit back and enjoy the fall, without getting even one blister from raking.

Posted on behalf of Joe Archer, Mobile Joe’s Landscaping


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