Three Important Landscaping Considerations You Don’t Want to Ignore

Published on: February 10, 2014

When it comes to creating the ideal landscape, some property owners tend to become too wrapped up in beauty and aesthetics.

Factors such as erosion, functionality, and irrigation are often afterthoughts. Ignoring these three landscaping factors can result in frustration, costly revisions, and an unattractive landscape.

Important Landscaping Consideration #1 – Erosion

Ignoring or failing to consider erosion can cause you to make a very poor landscaping investment. Property with uneven soil or sloped areas typically loses soil.

A good landscape design will address these issues as well as proper drainage and planting before getting started.  Retaining walls are a proven and effective way to prevent erosion, preserve your landscape’s beauty, and protect your investment.

Important Landscaping Consideration #2 – Functionality

Making your landscape “aesthetically pleasing” often overshadows the functionality. Your landscaping plan should always factor in usability. Your landscape can be both beautiful and functional.

Your landscaping design should take into consideration  functional elements like work areas, play areas, outdoor living spaces, privacy areas, and also the functional use of plants. You needn’t include all of these, but rather only those that suit your needs and landscaping vision.

Important Landscaping Consideration #3 – Irrigation

It’s easy to find yourself swept up in all the excitement of designing and creating your new, beautiful landscape. Unfortunately, your zeal and excitement can result in your not giving irrigation (watering) the serious or realistic consideration it deserves.

Life often brings unexpected events to us that demand large amounts of our time…sometimes for long periods. Initially, you may promise yourself that you’ll take care of the watering, but unexpected travel and illnesses do happen. Installing an irrigation system is the best way to protect your landscaping investment and ensure that your project receives the right amount of water…even when you’re away.

Posted on behalf of Joe Archer, Mobile Joe’s Landscaping


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