Choosing a Landscape Designer Or Landscape Architect

Published on: March 28, 2012

When it comes time to plan your Atlanta landscaping project, most homeowners will need a good Atlanta landscape design contractor or landscape architect for all but the simplest projects.  Adding some color to your flowerbeds or planting a tree doesn’t usually involve a redesign of your landscaping, but for a the design and installation of a harmonious landscape, you will need a landscape designer or landscape architect to handle the project.  Attempting to handle full landscaping project could turn out well, or the results may be disappointing.  Avoid disappointing results –  hire a professional landscape design contractor or landscape architect.

First you will need to decide whether you should hire a landscape designer or a landscape architect.  Landscape designers are very creative people who are excellent at taking a homeowner’s concept or idea and turning it into an attractive finished product.  They may or may not be college trained and their experience can vary widely.  There are no specific licensing requirements for landscape designers.

Landscape architects all have college degrees and are professionally licensed.  They have extensive training and education in landscape planning, drainage, and structural issues.  Hiring a landscape architect will be more expensive than a landscape designer, but if your project involves extensive grading, use of large retaining walls, and other heavy construction, you may be better off with a landscape architect.  For advice and consultation on planning and installing your landscape with relatively few structural issues, a landscape designer can probably do the job just as well but at a much lower cost.

Whether you choose a landscape architect or landscape designer, ask to see a few successful projects.  Do a drive by of these projects and see if the project appears to be well thought out and executed.  Every project is different and the designer or architect is working within the constraints of the client’s desires and budget, but you should be able to get an idea of whether the person has the talent needed to handle your project.

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