Think Spring By Planting Your Bulbs This Fall

Published on: October 12, 2014

Those beautiful early spring flowers, like tulips and lilies, don’t just magically appear come April and May. They are strategically planted in the fall, so when the first warm weather hits, these bright and beautiful flowers are one of the first to bloom to welcome spring. If you want to be the envy of the neighborhood next spring with gorgeous blooms, now is the time to plant your bulbs. 

Types Of Bulbs To Plant In The Fall

There are many types of flowers which start as bulbs. Most of these will bloom in late winter or early spring, depending on where you live and the type of flower you’ve selected. While not all bulbs will grow well in all areas, here are a few of the most popular fall-planted bulbs: 

  • Tulips. Plant these 3-6 inches apart in a hole 4-6 inches deep.
  • Daffodil. Plant these 6 inches apart and 6 inches deep.
  • Crocus. These should be planted 4 inches apart, 3 inches deep.
  • Iris. Both bearded and Siberian should be planted 4 inches apart and 4 inches deep.
  • Bluebell. Plant these 4 inches apart and 4 inches deep. 

Almost all fall planted bulbs need well-drained soil, with some needing more fertilizer than others. Make sure that the bulbs are planted before the first freeze, so they can begin establishing their roots before winter. Talk to your landscaper about which bulbs will grow best in the region where you live and with the soil type on your property. 

Since spring flowers are so colorful, it can be fun to create elaborate designs and color schemes when planting these flowers. Your landscaper can help you design and plant your bulbs in dramatic patterns that will be gorgeous come spring. 

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