Rose Garden Maintenance

Published on: September 10, 2010

Roses are a passion for many gardeners.  Keeping your rose garden healthy is not difficult, but does take a good routine of time and care.

Roses like most beautiful flowering plants need a lot of water to survive.  Water once a week if there is not rainfall.  Water roses deep at the soil level to avoid damage to the leaves and to ensure good root growth.  Make sure the soil has proper drainage to avoid root rot.

Once your flower has faded, take a pruning tool and cut at an angle below the faded flower just above the first leaf.  This will encourage future flowering.  It is important to remove the least amount of leaves as possible as this is where the plant gets its energy.

Fertilizing your roses is important for steady growth, flowering and long term health.  Choose a fertilizer that is balanced specifically for roses.  It should have nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.  Water first prior to fertilizing.  Fertilize after the first buds flower, then once a month though late summer.

Organic composts are recommended to keep soil rich.  Keep your mulch 2-4 inches thick.  Using a thick layer of organic mulch will increase minerals in the soil, help hold moisture and will keep weeds at bay.

Pests love roses!! Identify what pests are bothering your roses and treat them appropriately.  Not all pesticides work on all pests and some can damage your roses.  A good defense is to plant companion plants in your garden.  These plants repel unwanted insects.  You can also grow and insect garden or groundcover that attracts the insects that are favorable for your flowers.

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