Hostas: A Great Choice for Any Landscape

Published on: July 25, 2015

If you’re looking for an extremely hardy plant that will give a season full of beauty, look no further than the hosta.  Hostas are not only hardy, but they come in countless combinations of leaf shape, color and texture.  These hardy perennials vary in size from a miniature 2 inch plant to the giants that can grow up to 5 feet high and spread over three feet.

Long-Lasting Landscaping Beauty with Hostas

Unlike flowering plants that have a short blooming season, hostas, which are primarily grown for the beauty of their foliage, are beautiful and make a visual impact throughout the growing season.  While most people think of hostas as just a shade plant, there are many varieties that can be successfully grown in sunny areas.

Hostas are an ideal landscape plant as they are easy to grown and require very little maintenance.  These gracious and versatile plants come back year after year.  If someone is looking for good quality plants without spending a fortune, look for hosta varieties that have been around for decades.  These plants can always be picked up at a very low price.  With the thousands of varieties to choose from, it is no wonder that hostas are the most popular perennial plant.

Hostas combine well with early spring bulbs.  As the early spring flowers fade, the large leaves of the plant will hide the brown, drying foliage of tulips, daffodils and other early bloomers. Clumps of hostas planted around a garden, sidewalk or driveway will soften the edges.  Hostas also grow well in containers so they can be used to add greenery to a deck or patio.

Hostas do have flowers and some of the flowers are very fragrant.  For hummingbird enthusiasts, once hostas bloom these little birds will constantly be darting in and out of the flowers as they are one of their favorite foods. Talk to your landscaper about adding hostas to your landscape design.

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