Start Your New Lawn with Sod Installation

Published on: May 29, 2019

Are you tired of patchy grass on your lawn and want a new start? Sod can be an excellent option for creating the lush lawn you desire without the hassle of seeding and hoping for new grass to grow. However, even sod installation requires the best conditions and care to ensure the new grass takes hold and matures into a gorgeous lawn. Here are some tips to get the best results from sod for your new lawn.

Install in Fall or Spring

While sod can be installed almost anytime of year in warm regions, fall and spring are the best times. When the weather is warm, but not hot, this is the best time to give the grass a chance to thrive. Early fall is ideal; there is less chance of blight and other disease issues and the grass will have all winter to build a strong root system.

Prepare the Soil

Sod needs loose, cleared soil to thrive. Before the sod is installed, the area should be prepared. All weeds, rocks and debris should be removed. The soil should be aerated and loose to invite the roots of the grass to take hold. The soil should be thoroughly watered before installation of the sod, but not soaked.

Follow Post-Planting Instructions

Listen to your landscaper or sod supplier on how to care for your new sod in the first weeks. This is crucial to its growth and can make the difference between a thriving new lawn and sod that fails to take hold. Water and protect it as directed and you should get the results you desire.

Sod can be the answer to a sparse lawn. Contact your local landscaper that offers sod installation to get started on creating your new lush lawn.

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