Springtime Yard Tips

Published on: March 11, 2013

When spring arrives, it’s a good bet that many families will be spending more time out in the yard, but nobody wants to spend that time in a poorly maintained yard. Although the best way to see that your yard is beautiful when spring arrives is to hire a licensed landscaping service, there are still ways that you can improve the look and beauty of your yard.

Use the natural curve and grading of your yard’s landscape to your advantage. Few yards are truly flat – many of them have small hills or hallows that can be used in combination with trees, flowers and other foliage to make a truly impressive spectacle. Make note of the kinds of trees in your yard: whether they’re large or small, planting flowers around these trees will help to draw a viewer’s eye to them.

Adding seasonal flowers is another great way to improve the look of your yard. Keep your flowerbeds clear of debris and other distractions like weeds or trash to keep them looking bright and healthy. Other decorations like benches, lighting fixtures or even something as silly as a garden gnome can set your yard apart and impress onlookers.

Also, something else to consider are the use of rocks in your yard and landscaping. Although it might sound counterintuitive, some people pay big money for the right rock to decorate their yards, so any large rocks or stones you can find can go a long way to improving the aesthetics of your yard. When placing rocks in your garden or yard, consider digging down several inches to make sure the stones are placed snug and tight in the earth to achieve a natural look.

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