Spring Lawn Mower Tune Up

Published on: March 11, 2013

Warm weather is coming soon and it’s time to start planning for another year of lawn care and maintenance. But before the warmer weather arrives, it’s best to survey your lawn, and check for any damaged areas or special needs that your yard will need in the coming year. Plenty of people like to use a lawn maintenance company for the care of their lawn and regular landscaping services. The sooner you call, the sooner you can check in with them for any other preparations your lawn needs.

If you mow your own lawn, it’s time to get ready for another year of mowing. Make sure that the blade or blades are sharpened and cleaned. It’s also a good idea to clean up underneath your mower and remove any dried or dead clumps of grass that might still be stuck to the undercarriage.

Other ways to maintain your mower involve changing the oil, checking the spark plug or replacing it, and making sure that the air filter is clean. Make sure to always use fresh gasoline when fueling your mower, as old gasoline can make it hard to start the motor and can make it run sluggishly when it runs at all. Riding mowers might need their batteries checked or replaced, and make sure that they’re charged if necessary. Be sure to check the tires and see that their pressure is acceptable for riding.

If you’ve grown tired of mowing your own lawn, consider calling your local lawn care company. They can keep your yard looking green, healthy and beautiful all year long, and keep any work for you to a minimum.

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