Cleaning Up After the Storm

Published on: November 27, 2017

High winds and heavy rains can make a mess of your property. Leaves, branches and debris can take days to clean up when a big storm hits. Not only can a storm make your yard look untidy, it can create hazards around your home. Clean up is necessary, but it should be tackled with caution. Here are a few steps to evaluate and clean up the mess left by Mother Nature in your yard.

Look to the Trees

Before you worry about the mess on your lawn, look up and evaluate the damage to your trees. Storms can break loose limbs or damage trees, creating hazards on your property. Broken limbs that are hanging precariously could come crashing down or be blown into structures the next time high winds hit. Start with removing any loose limbs before you work on the areas below. You may even have trees that may need removal if they have been damaged to the point that they may fall. Cutting down limbs and trees will make a mess, so there is no reason to clean below until you complete the clean up overhead.

Hire a Clean Up Crew

While a few leaves and small branches can be easily raked up and discarded on your own, a bigger mess will need ladders, chain saws and a truck to haul away the debris. Consider hiring a landscaping crew to do the yard clean up for you. They have the right equipment, training and safety gear to ensure dangerous limbs are cut down and removed, along with all the other debris. Plus, they can haul it away for you, leaving you with a clean, well-kept yard after they are done.

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