Soil Erosion Solutions That Beautify

Published on: July 25, 2015

Soil erosion is not just unsightly, but causes major problems if not addressed.  The old solution of nets and mesh may be effective for holding back soil, but there are more attractive options that will beautify landscaping rather than detract from it. With the help of your landscaper, you can try one of these beautiful soil erosion solutions:

  • Depending on the size of the yard, one of the first thing to do is plant more trees. The underground roots of trees stabilize the soil and diverts water.
  • A solution growing in popularity across the country is to plant a rain garden.  Rain gardens are shallow depressions in a yard which collect precipitation.  This area is filled with native wetland plant and gives it a pop of color.
  • Retaining walls are especially beneficial on slopes.  With the wide variety of stone available, a retaining wall can easily blend into the existing landscaping.
  • Any areas in a lawn that have heavy foot traffic or bare pathways should be protected with a layer of mulch or transformed into a stepping stone or gravel pathway.
  • Another solution is to install a dry creek bed, which is essentially a bed of small rock that will direct water into a pond or catch basin.   This option allows for plenty of creativity as plantings can be in and around the bed.

Well established vegetation, grasses and perennials, also help to stabilize the soil.  Before replanting the area use some type of fill to compensate for any washed away areas.  Talk to your landscaper to choose plants that are well suited to the area.  In many locations ornamental grasses, Coneflowers or Black Eyed Susans make excellent plantings as well as transforming a washed out gulley to an attractive bed.

Your local landscaper can help incorporate these functional, yet beautiful, additions into your landscape design for a healthy, gorgeous yard.

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