Size Does Matter: Getting The Right Sized Pot

Published on: March 14, 2013

Nothing adds natural beauty to your home  or landscape design like the addition of plants, inside and out. While some are born with a perpetual green thumb, others need to work at getting these plants to flourish in their homes. One of the many elements to nurturing a houseplant or even potted outdoor plants is to ensure they have the correct size pot to grow in.

It makes perfect sense that too small of a pot for a plant will inhibit growth, however, going too big is not ideal either. While being potted in too large of a planter will not harm most plants, it is harder to keep the moisture level and fertilizer at the correct amount. Also, some plants will continue to grow larger as long as they have room and restricting their growth can keep them the right size for your home. Also, some plants will not bloom unless they are root bound. When choosing a pot, consider these factors:

–          Maturity. Is the plant you are planting already mature or just a seedling? If it is already grown, check the root system in its existing pot. If there are many roots showing or the root ball is close to the top, it needs a larger pot. When increasing pot sizes, go up in 2” increments.

–          Type. Do some research on the type of plant and how large it grows. A ficus tree may need a large, deep pot where cactus plants require a shallow, small pot.

–          Moisture. What type of moisture does the plant need? For those needing a dry soil, shallow pots are best and conversely, deep pots are best for those requiring more moisture.

All plants and pots are not the same. If you have had problems keeping your plants healthy, it may be time to make a trip to the landscape supply store and get the right size pot for them to thrive.

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