Retaining Walls for Flat Spaces

Published on: October 8, 2017

In most cases, retaining walls are used to secure slopes or hills and make better use of landscaping space. While stopping erosion and maximizing space on properties with uneven ground is a useful attribute of retaining walls, they can also be utilized for flat spaces. Here are a few ideas on how to use retaining walls to spruce up your flat landscaping areas.

Planter Boxes

Retaining walls are excellent for creating planter boxes near your patio or around your yard. Stone or brick retaining walls can be designed in squares, rectangles or circles, either standing alone or connected to other hardscapes.

Sunken Patios

Add depth to your flat space by creating a sunken patio area. This is a perfect spot for a fire pit or fireplace for long nights out in your outdoor living space. Make the most of the area by creating a retaining wall ledge that is chair-height to double as seating for your sunken patio.

Fencing, Edging or Barrier

A retaining wall can be built to create a barrier or fence for your yard. This can be a beautiful addition to your landscaping, especially when made from stone or brick. Use across your front yard, on the edge of driveways or to section spaces in your outdoor living space (a wall between the outdoor kitchen and patio is a good example).

You don’t need a hilly piece of property to find excellent uses for retaining walls in your landscape design. Talk to your local landscaper that offers retaining wall design and installation to come up with ideas to enhance your flat space. You may be surprised how much elegance and beauty your new retaining walls can bring to your landscaping.

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