Pre-Spring Maintenance For Your Lawn

Published on: March 14, 2013

Although some parts of the country may still be under snow in March, many areas are in the beginnings of spring. This in-between zone between spring and winter can be an excellent time to get your yard and lawn ready for the warmer spring weather that is on the horizon. By getting an early start, you can prepare your lawn to become lush and green in the months to come.

Debris And De-thatching

Preparing your lawn for ideal growth for the spring and summer months involves removing dead grass and debris. Start by raking and picking up any left over leaves, twigs and debris from the top of your lawn that have collected over the winter. The next step, especially for mature, dense sod, is to de-thatch your lawn. De-thatching removes the dead layers of grass and debris that prevent air and water from reaching your grass roots. This can be done with a hand rake or a thatching machine.


Early spring or late winter is an excellent time to feed your lawn by fertilizing. Even if the grass looks dead, it is just dormant and will spring to life even quicker with the addition of fertilizer. You can use lawn fertilizer alone or do a dual weed-and-feed application.

Each climate and lawn is different and may need special handling to start spring maintenance. Hiring an experienced landscaper that can analyze your lawn and give it the best treatment for this time of year are great ways to ensure you are doing the correct procedure at the correct time for a luscious lawn come summer.

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