Planning for Spring Mulch Installation

Published on: November 4, 2019

Spring is the time for many once-a-year landscaping projects. New flowers can be planted, trees can be pruned and your lawn can be aerated or seeded. Another project you want to add to your spring landscaping to-do list is mulching. Spring is the perfect time to add mulching to protect your landscaping from unwanted weeds and help with moisture loss prevention.

What Mulch Type is Best?

Mulch can be many different materials. It can be plant clippings, bark, pine straw, wood shavings or even rock. The right mulch depends on where you are using it and what you want to achieve. Organic mulches like bark, wood shavings and pine straw can have the benefit of adding nutrients to the soil as they decompose. Rock and gravel do not add nutrients, but also does not decompose or need replacement as often.

To determine the best mulch for your landscaping, discuss the options with your local landscaper. Many quality landscape companies will deliver and install mulch. They can help you decide which will work best in different areas. You may want pine straw for sloped areas as it is less likely to wash or blow away and bark around your tree roots. Rock can look beautiful and give your landscaping a clean appearance. Professional mulch installation can make your yard look neat and tidy while preventing weeds and moisture loss.

As soon as your planting is done, schedule your mulch installation. You will want your mulch in place as soon as possible to stop weeds before they begin sprouting up around your shrubs, flowers and other plants. Most mulch only needs to be added once a year, helping protect your landscaping until next spring.

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