Planning for Spring Lawn Clean-Up

Published on: March 7, 2015

While spring still hasn’t quite arrived, many people are already thinking of the warmer days ahead. With that comes the time for spring planting and plenty of landscaping projects to make your yard beautiful for the summer months. The first step to creating a gorgeous yard this summer is spring clean-up, which will help get your yard ready for another great season.

Spring Clean-Up Chores

Before you start hitting the landscape supply stores and buying new spring flowers and seeds, you must undo any damage winter has done to your yard. Regardless of where you live, winter can bring in colder, wetter weather with high winds and other elements to ruin your landscaping. Here are few chores to put on your to-do list this spring:

  • Debris-be-gone. Start with the first and most noticeable leftovers from winter: the leaves, sticks and other debris covering your yard. Rake, sweep and pick up all your debris, leaving your yard ready for new growth.
  • Pruning. Spring is a good time to prune back many of your trees and shrubs, which have grown wild in the last few months. Remove any dead or damaged branches and reshape your shrubs.
  • Mulching. To protect your tree roots and prevent weed growth, add more mulch as needed to your landscaping areas. Mulch helps retain moisture, stop unwanted weeds and always help make your landscaping look cleaner when first applied.

Of course, there is no need to do all the spring clean-up and planting yourself. Your local landscaping service can do all the clean-up for you, plus get your yard ready to flourish through aeration and fertilization. Call them today to start planning your landscaping projects for the months ahead.

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