Planning for Early Planting

Published on: October 8, 2017

While colder and northern regions of the country may not begin thinking of planting until April or May, warmer regions get an early start. In the southern states, many of the heartier shrubs and plants can be put into the ground as early as February. While summer annuals may need to wait until April, you can begin planning your spring planting to start in February.

Early Planting Options

The benefit of planting early is to give your new additions time to build a solid root system before the warmer weather hits. This is especially beneficial for shrubs and trees that need an extensive root system to gain the moisture they need during the hot months of summer. Shrubs, trees and some seasonal flowers can be planted as early as February when you live in a warmer region. Some possibilities include:

  • Dogwoods and Japanese maples
  • Arkansas blue star
  • Mophead hydrangeas
  • Japanese plum yew

It is not just what and when you plant that is important. You must consider how your plants will look when they bloom and grow in the spring and summer. It is also important to know where certain plants will thrive best (shade, partial-shade or direct sun) and what other plants pair well with each other in the same type of soil. This is where having the help of a professional landscaper can help with your early planning for your landscape design.

Hire a landscaper to help you map out your planting to compliment your landscaping. They can help you find the best options for early planting and create a design that will look wonderful once the plants flourish later in the spring.

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