Boosting Accessibility with ADA-Compliant Pavers

Published on: December 17, 2013

Outdoor living areas, driveways and pathways should be accessible to every member of your family, even those with mobility challenges. One way to renovate your outdoor areas for greater accessibility is to consider the installation of ADA-compliant pavers. In addition to providing additional traction, these pavers also help those with visual impairments to navigate your property confidently and safely. These design elements are especially useful for aging or disabled residents, but can provide an additional layer of protection to your guests and visitors.

Pavers compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act are typically used in municipal and retail settings to ensure accessibility to citizens and patrons with limited mobility. Still, these interlocking pavers can be quite useful in residential applications. These permeable pavers also include tactile warning surfaces to alert those with visual impairments to changes in the paved surface. Even if you’re not required to comply with ADA laws, these pavers can be an important addition to your home and property.

Working with an experienced landscaping contractor to bring a new level of accessibility to your home with interlocking warning pavers and contrasting patterns makes it easier for you to welcome visitors and family members with visual impairments and mobility issues. Contacting a professional landscaping and paving professional to discuss the integration of ADA-compliant pavers can bring your renovation or building project a new level of accessibility and function. By working with an ADA experienced contractor on your landscape design, you can determine the best methods of installing compliant, permeable pavers that look great and protect your loved ones.

ADA-compliant pavers come in a wide array of colors and textures, so your design options will not be restricted with accessibility-boosting pavers. When the project is completed, you’ll be left with a beautiful and safe surface accessible to every member of the family.

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