Paver Patios

Published on: December 29, 2013

One of the greatest ways to enjoy outdoor living is to have a custom brick paver patio installed by a licensed, insured and experienced contractor.  Patio paver patios are very cost effective and will provide years of enjoyment to families who enjoy outdoor living.  In addition, when they are combined with other landscaping features including retaining walls and planters that are a part of the patio, the results are both dramatic and often add value to the property.

The key to a great brick paver patio is the design, which will be functional, cost effective, and address any grade or drainage issues on the property.  Often small retaining walls are incorporated to address drainage and grade issues.  While most people are very familiar with traditional square or rectangular patios on a single level, it is possible for a experienced contractor to build a patio that incorporates curves, as well as multiple levels.  Specialized cutting tools allow the contractor to cut the brick pavers as necessary to make the curves.

Brick patio pavers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors allowing the brick paver patio to be truly a “custom” feature of the property.  In addition, there are a number of patterns for the contractor to install the brick pavers, however, to matter what pattern is selected the pavers will “interlock” to provide a solid surface that will not move.  In general, brick paver patios are installed under either a compacted sand base or over a concrete slab.  In either case, the contractor will install the patio level, with a slight pitch to shed rainwater.  Once installed, the disturbed areas around the patio will be restored and the patio will be ready for immediate use!

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