How Often Should You Seal Your Deck?

Published on: February 6, 2018

Deck sealant and certain types of stain help protect the wood from rot and extend the life of your deck. Most decks are stained or sealed when they are constructed, but sealant needs to be added as part of ongoing maintenance to continue that protection. Rain, snow, ice and direct sunshine can all impact the lifespan of sealant. Here is how to know when it is time to reseal your deck.

Average Life Span

Quality deck sealants, under ideal conditions, can last a few years. Many brands will claim that the sealant will protect wood from three to five years. However, the conditions, how it was applied and traffic on your deck can all impact how long the sealant will last. Plus, high traffic areas may wear thin, even if the sealant is still working on the perimeter areas.

Water Test

One way to check if you deck sealant is doing its job is to do the water test. Pour a small glass of water on the highest traffic area and observe the deck surface. Does the water bead or does it spread out and begin to absorb into the wood? Sealant is meant to put a layer of protection to keep moisture, and rot, out of the wood. If the water is not beading, the sealant is no longer doing its job.

If it is time to reseal, this is also a good time to consider repairs. Adding sealant to a damaged board will not necessarily prevent further deterioration. Contact your local deck contractor to inspect your deck and make any repairs that are needed before they add another coat of sealant.

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