Is it Too Late to Plant Tulips?

Published on: February 6, 2018

When spring time arrives, and you see gorgeous tulips and other seasonal flowers blooming, you may regret that you didn’t plant bulbs the previous fall. Tulips, like many plants and trees, need to spend a few months in cold ground growing their roots before they will sprout. If you missed your chance to plant bulbs in the fall, you may still be able to have tulips in the spring. Here are some options for growing tulips in the winter.

Plant in the Winter

If you have mild winters where you live, you can plant tulips in the winter. The sooner you plant, the better chance you will have of seeing tulips sprout in the spring. It can be hit and miss on whether they will sprout the first year; or, they may sprout in late spring. However, if it is already becoming warmer outside, it may be too late to hope for sprouting unless you try the following refrigerator trick.

Winter in the Fridge

If the ground outside is already getting warmer, you can trick your tulips into a fake winter in your refrigerator. Plant your bulbs a few inches under the soil in a pot, then water and cover with plastic wrap to keep moist. Once they sprout, remove plastic wrap and keep the soil moist. Let them stay in the cold for several weeks before moving them to a warm, sunny window or transplanting outside.

Another option if you want a beautiful tulip garden this spring is to talk to your local landscaper. They may have sprouts they can plant in your garden to give you the bright tulips you desire this spring.

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