Landscaping – Tips on Getting your Lawn in Shape for the Spring in the South East US

Published on: July 2, 2010

Landscaping – Tips on Getting your Lawn in Shape for the Spring in the South East US

Lawns are an integral part of garden landscape and it is essential to make an effort to maintain your lawn or higher a reputable lawn maintenance company to service your lawn throughout the year. Spring is the time when you will find a host of lawn pests attacking your lawn. For example, if you live in South Eastern US where the climate is warm, then you must have had problems with lawn pests during spring.

In order to take preventive action and protect your lawn this spring, it is highly recommended to take certain precautionary measures starting from the month of February.


Keep your lawn clean by removing litter periodically.  Nutrients and water are taken away from grasses by the weeds. Weeds destroy the look of your lawn and have to be controlled. You can eliminate weeds with the help of a good herbicide. It is recommended choosing a herbicide that will feed the remaining grass even as it removes weeds.

Other bugs that tend to thrive in warm South Eastern climate in US include the chinch bugs and fire ants. Chinch bugs destroy large areas of the lawn in a short period of time and have to be caught early and eliminated. Fire ants thrive in sunny and open environments. They build mounds in the lawn soil. When the mound is stamped unknowingly, the ants swarm out and sting venomously. Chinchbugs and fire ants can be eliminated with the help of a good quality herbicide and ready-to-use dust powders.

Reseeding Process

Wait for a while after using herbicides before reseeding your lawn. Most packages will provide you with details of the necessary waiting period. The soil must be loosened to at least 6 inches before you reseed the lawn. This is the time to add in fertilizers if necessary. Smoothen the soil with the help of a rake and tamp down the seed after spreading it over the area. Provide protection to the grass seeds by spreading mulch on the top. Use a spray to water the lawn. It is recommended to water the lawn and keep it moist all the time until the new grass grows and establishes itself firmly in the soil.

Existing grass in the lawn can be rejuvenated with the help of grass plugs. Water and mow the lawn low before you apply the plugs. Refrain from mowing the lawn till the new grass grows two inches tall. If you are a resident of South Eastern US, this spring is the right time to rejuvenate your lawn, spruce it up and keep it healthy.

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