Landscaping for the Eco-Conscious

Published on: October 23, 2013

Doing your part to save the environment is more than a passing fad. It’s a way of life for many, and an integral to the success and health of future generations. There’s more to green living than recycling and carpooling, though. You may be surprised to learn that the right landscape design can also be a great tool for reducing your family’s carbon footprint.

When trees are carefully planted and nurtured, they can provide valuable shade that reduces cooling bills in the summer. Evergreen shrubbery and plants can also help to shield your home from winter’s frigid winds, lowering the amount of energy you use to keep it heated in the colder months.

One area of great impact when you’re considering a more eco-friendly landscaping design is one in which a professional landscaping contractor can be of the greatest use. Choosing native plants for your garden and lawn will require a strong knowledge of which plants are indigenous to your area. A professional landscaping design professional who is locally based will not only be able to help you boost the sustainability of your lawn through hardscapes and clever tricks, but also by choosing plant life that’s native to your region.

When you’re not forced to provide non-native plants with excessive amounts of water in order to facilitate their survival in your lawn, you’re immediately saving many gallons of water each week that would ordinarily be poured into the ground. Drought-resistant plants are ideal choices, for instance, in areas with little to no rainfall during the summer months. Instead of forcing non-native plants to thrive through chemicals and water use, work with your landscaping designer to determine which cultivars are best suited to the natural climate of your region.

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