Landscape Watering

Published on: September 10, 2010

Over half of household water consumption goes to landscape watering.  With this in mind, watering correctly and effectively should be a great concern to all responsible individuals.  Proper watering will not only help our environment but it will also help your expenses by cutting water costs and protecting your investment in your precious flowers, trees, shrubs and grass.

Mother Nature likes to play tricks with the weather – sometimes we get a lot of natural water from the queen mother and other times she holds back on us and keeps us wanting for more!  Be aware of the weather and adjust your watering schedule as needed.  An over dry or overwatered landscape is a sure way to certain death of your investment.

Water in the early hours of the morning is a good practice for several reasons.  It allows time for the water to soak down to the roots before the hot sun absorbs it from the blades.  It also allows time for the plants to dry off before night time.  Wet plants can develop root rot and fungus if not given ample time to dry.

Soak you plants sufficiently. Brief watering time only soaks the surface and develops shallow root structures.  Watering slow and steady will allow for well soaked soil and deep roots.

Hand watering is not efficient or effective.  Invest in a proper irrigation system.  Seek expert advice from your county extension service or a landscape professional.  This investment will save you money in the long run.  Your irrigation system should reach all areas of your landscape evenly without runoff into pathways, driveways or streets.

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