Irrigation Sprinkler System Installation: What You Need to Know

Published on: February 28, 2012

A lawn and landscape irrigation sprinkler system should always be professionally designed for the property that it is going to service. This assures that the right amount of water is being distributed to the right places throughout the property. The means for delivering water to your lawn expanses will not be the same as that for delicate flower beds. A professional irrigation system designer will address these issues with you as they develop your system design.

When installing a sprinkler system for a newly constructed home, it is important that the system installation be fully coordinating with the landscaping plans and the general contractor. Changes to the landscape or the building footprint will always affect the layout of your sprinkler system. Your electrician and plumber will also need to work in partnership with the sprinkler system installation team.

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that the installation of a sprinkler system in an existing lawn causes minimal damage to their lawn. Specialized equipment is used to install the pipes into the ground, causing very little disruption to the lawn. In a very short time following installation, the grass will hide all evidence of the buried pipes completely.

Your sprinkler system installation can include a variety of levels of automation, depending on your requirements. Lawn sprinkler heads and flower bed soakers can be set to activate at the most effective time of day. The timers will also control how long the irrigation runs when it comes on; this allows for more efficient use of water and electricity and less worry for you, the homeowner, regarding whether or not your landscape is receiving too much or too little irrigation. Rain sensors can also be installed to avoid the unneeded activation of your system just before or after Mother Nature provides natural irrigation through rainfall.

Talk to your landscaper about designing and installing an irrigation system for your your lawn.  Many top landscaping contractors offer expert irrigation installation and repair.  The installation of a sprinkler system for your lawn and other landscaped areas is a great way to care for your property in a manner that will save you both time and money.

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