Landscape Lighting for Beauty, Fun, and Safety

Published on: August 10, 2016

Landscape lighting can be used to highlight natural and man-made features in your yard to add to the natural beauty of your yard.

There are literally thousands of designs, shapes, and wattage for outdoor lighting. Now it’s even possible to tie all your outdoor lighting into a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panel system with battery storage & backup to provide the electricity to power these landscape lighting, but that is an entire article by itself. Let’s just suffice it to say, the prices are coming down and it will pay for itself after a period of time.


Landscape lighting can enhance the beauty of your favorite features with illumination after dark. Consider that big oak tree that provides shade in the daytime and holds that rope swing you added for the children when they were still young, or the heart arch fountain that you built for your wife on your anniversary. Such beautiful pieces of work should not be diminished by darkness, but should act as a showcase of your love for your family.

You’ve probably already considered how lining the walkways with LED lighting will enhance the beauty of those perennials your wife fusses over every day throughout the spring and summer, even though they’re basically weeds that will grow on their own without any care whatsoever.


What could be more fun than a well-lit tennis court/basketball court that you and the family have spent many hours not only constructing but playing on since you finally finished it. Many evenings the only noise in the backyard is the screech of tennis shoes and the pong of the ball off the court. Tennis is just so much more fun in the cool of the evening.

But, you have to admit some of the most peaceful evenings have been spent in that hammock, listening to the water trickle down that heart-shaped arch. It’s truly relaxing to watch the light’s reflection sparkle in the fountain’s pool, laid out below the arch.

Entertaining after dark in your well-lit backyard doesn’t miss a beat when darkness descends. The conversations and laughter continues as long as everyone has the energy to keep it going.


Safety is achieved as much as possible through a well-lit environment. There is less chance of slips, trips, and falls in your yard due to the landscape lighting. A well-lit yard may not keep away every intruder, but it is much more likely they will choose an easier target in a darker neighborhood.

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