How to Incorporate Lighting into Your Landscape Design

Published on: February 6, 2018

Outdoor lighting offers two main elements to your landscaping: safety and ambience. Outdoor lights make it safe to navigate your front walkway in the middle of the night, but they can also illuminate your waterfall or giant front yard tree. If you are looking to add outdoor lighting to your landscape design, here are some ideas to help add the safety and ambience you desire.

Soft or Direct

Outdoor lighting does not need to be a flood of light. While you may want brighter lights for safety near walk areas, or to deter intruders in dark, back corners, soft light can create a more relaxing atmosphere. You can add lights under shrubs or use smoked glass in a lamp post for softer lighting that adds ambience.

Highlight Focus Points

One of the benefits of adding outdoor lighting is to enjoy your landscaping in a new way. Using spotlights that illuminate the trunk of a tree, casting light and shadows from the branches above, can be magical in the dark. Use light to create shine on a waterfall or show off a hardscape, helping you enjoy your landscaping focal points all day and night.

Mood Lighting

Using different colors in your lighting can help alter the mood of your outdoor space. Try blue lighting in corners away from the main space, offering a romantic spot for a bench or loveseat.

To make the most of your landscaping for night entertaining, talk to your local landscaper about adding some different outdoor lighting dimensions. There are many different options to create the right ambience, while adding safety and security to your outdoor spaces.

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