Keeping Your Irrigation Sprinkler System Performing Optimally

Published on: February 10, 2014

Performing routine inspections of your irrigation system is essential to keeping your landscape beautiful.  Regular inspections allow you to pinpoint and address any problems within your irrigation sprinkler system so that it performs optimally…and keeps your landscape green, healthy, and attractive.

Routine Inspections

It’s highly recommended that your irrigation sprinkler system be inspected every one to two weeks.  While professionals are best suited to thoroughly inspect your sprinkler system, you can do a basic visual inspection yourself. Simply, turn on your system for about 10 to 15 minutes, and then visually inspect each part.

Things to look for are:

–        clogged sprinkler heads

–        leaking valves

–        missing nozzles

–        breaks in the piping

–        leaks in pipes

Fixing The Problems

If you identify any problems with your system, it’s best to contact a professional sprinkler irrigation company. Tinkering with an already malfunctioning irrigation sprinkler system can cause your problems and repair costs to multiply substantially.

Irrigation experts know just what to do with your problems to get your system up and running…without any guesswork. For example, a professional realizes that often times, clogged sprinkler heads require disassembly to clean out dirt and debris. Furthermore, clogged sprinkler heads require filter removal, rinsing, and cleaning. Lastly, a professional will likely flush your irrigation lines to ensure no additional dirt or debris is trapped in your system before they reassemble your sprinkler head.

Unresolved problems with your irrigation sprinkler system typically result in dry patches, withering plants, and skyrocketing water bills. Regular inspection and maintenance of your system are crucial to ensure your landscape remains attractive.

For easy, hassle-free irrigation sprinkler system repair & maintenance, contact a professional landscaper today.

Posted on behalf of Dusty Edinger, Tommy Gun Lawn Care


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